Your mind is a direct reflection of your money.  The first time I heard someone say that poverty was between your ears, I thought how ignorant, how stupid, how naïve.  I was young and at that time judged the world by the four blocks in which I lived metaphorically.  I had no clue about money, how to manage it, how to make it or that you could allow your money to make money.  The more I grew and sought knowledge the better I understood and understand how the mind and your money must be in unity for your wealth to begin.

Before you can achieve it, you really do have to see it!  Yep Jessie Jackson made the phrase famous and many repeated it, yelled it but understanding its value or the value of the words being said……hmmmmm I don’t think we did.  Biblical, we learn it this way; “For as a man thinketh in his heart so is he.” (Proverbs 23:7)  Either way you phrase, a person can become no more than he or she believes that they can.  You can tell a person great things about his or herself but ultimately it is how that person perceives his or herself that will win in the end.  It is even more detrimental with money.  A person who believes that he or she will become or have better is filled with hope.  NEVER underestimate the pricelessness of hope!  Hope is more than just emotion it is a never give up spirit that opens the mind to limitless possibilities and fuels the believer (the one with hope) with ideas, concepts and strategies.  A person with hope will operate as if each undertaking is crucial and expects results.  A hopeful person isn’t careless, mindless or desperate but rather calculating, strategic in thinking and always planning.  He or she will live beneath his or her means for a season to change their lifestyle forever.  They will invest into an idea before buying material goods that retain no value.  While others look prosperous, this person is becoming prosperous with smart moves, innovative thinking and long-term planning.  THE MIND! THE MIND!  This person has seen it, believes that they can do it or will die attempting to achieve it.  Their circle changes, their expectations of his or herself expand and that hope within, keeps producing ideas that lead them from poverty to prosperity.  The reason most people assume that they are an overnight success is because they never saw it.  These people do not always flaunt their wealth; they are actually conservative in spending.  Their goal isn’t to impress or draw people to them by what they have gained materially.  The Mindset is different. The Mindset is on another level and so too is their money!  No it’s not about a love for their money but a respect as to how to use their money better.

On the other hand, a poverty-minded person believes that he or she can only achieve so much.  They are the people who will tell you to be ‘realistic’.   In their mind, things are rigged and people that make something out of his or herself have luck or know someone.  Their only expectation of having more is based on what someone can give them or how they can outthink a system.  Everything is about right here and right now, decisions are made with that mind and money is spent likewise.  Every financial situation is made in haste without regard to further down the road.  Money in their hands is always spent; there is very little savings mentality or holding it for later.  In an effort to have things shortcuts are always taken.  Rather than save and buy, they will do rent-to-own because it allows them to have what they desire right now with very little planning.  That mindset eats away at their cash flow leaving them in debt before they have earned any money.  The spending leaves this mind-set working to pay bills made before money is earned, just like a slave.  The lack of hope for the future or expectancy of changing their status; there is no thoughts or plans for future which means this mind-set will buy the things desired and beg for the things needed.  You can’t tell by looking in most cases a person is living in poverty because the outer appearance is preserved at all cost.

Mindset is crucial when it comes to money.  Your mind has to be strong enough to not do everything around you, when everyone else is doing it.  Everyone has different seasons in life; your seed time will occur during the harvest of another.  It’s terrible to try and live by the seasons of another, especially when it comes to money!  It’s a guaranteed way to remain in poverty.  Think about it, trying to live in a harvest season when you are really in a season of seed planting means you are spending more than you have!  If you endure the season of seed planting and cultivating by harvest time you will be ready to receive more than you could imagine.

In describing the two different mindsets, you notice that the real spending isn’t based on what’s in your pocket but in your mind.  People spend mentally before they ever spend from their wallet.  The way one will move around, make things happen to meet a desired goal whether it’s a temporary goal based on the desires of the flesh or a real goal designed to move one to the next level; whatever has to happen people will move mountains to meet those mental needs.  It is based on the way one views prosperity, the way he or she see it mentally that makes them chase it in the economically and socially.

Look at your money, review your thoughts and see if they match, if not, the good news is you can change that.


~~Your Mind and Your Money Must agree to move forward. ~~




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