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I’M afraid of people that remain the same.  To never change, revisit or rethink the things you’ve done, the situations you’ve encountered, the things one has been, survived and lived through; to not learn, from those things is frightening to say the least and pathetic to say the most.  Life is not just a ball of confusion.  Everything one encounters brings something and leaves something.  It is the responsibility of each individual to discover those things in an effort to make sure that the changes do so for the better and not the worse.  Assuming that experiences do not change individuals is not only wrong but a lie told to one’s self.

For years, I allowed people to have my voice.  Either because I was afraid to speak up out of what I deemed as respect and loyalty or because my opinion was in the minority.  I grew up as an only child and should have been accustomed to being alone but under pressure of people I liked or loved, would allow my opinions to become theirs, my mind their mind and my thoughts their thoughts.  There were times when this system didn’t work for me and when I spoke up, if I was shunned, ridiculed or reprimanded would back down.

Evolutionary Expressions is the vehicle of my voice speaking to other people who were like me, imprisoned in a free world.  People who have been tormented out of having their own voice because it lack the backing of the popular.  Evolutionary Expressions speaks on Spiritual Awareness, Money/Business Matters, Relationships, and more.  It is my prayer that you find information and inspiration within the pages of this blog.


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