I LOVE, LOVE, THIS TIME OF THE YEAR!  I enjoy the cooking, the eating, laughing with family, all the fun and the shopping.  The TV images display beautiful families with everyone smiling look great but let’s face it; the TV families and our families aren’t the same.  LOL

Some people hate to admit it but the truth be told, there are those who dread seeing family members.  Maybe it’s the drama of personalities or an age old feud where unforgiveness has set in, whatever the case may be, remember you cannot choose family.  One of the things that make the family dynamic unpredictable, annoying and sometimes frustrating are the way we tend to operate in common as family.  While that can be a good thing, it can also be a bad thing causing people to get frustrated with one another.  Because we can be so similar in nature, and yet so different, it is impossible to control the behavior of the others and it is unnecessary.

  • Love each family member for who they are. If you have a particular member of the family that causes you grief or that you prefer to avoid, know that about them and try to learn what annoys you.  Then prepare yourself for it and deal with them.  While that person may annoy you, just know you can be annoying as well to someone else.
  • Find a reason to love & laugh . If you have ever attended any funeral for a family member then you know that sometimes the silliest things keeps one away from the people he or she loves.  NO family is perfect and if you are on the outside looking in, thinking it is, then, you are just that; the Outsider!  Even in the most dysfunctional dynamic, there is something about the people you call family that you can love and laugh about/with, find it.
  • It’s not forever! Spending time with your family during the holidays is but a few hours, maybe a couple of days if you travel.  We face more difficult things in life than seeing family!  Jobs, economy, the dismal news, politics, etc… there are a million things that can be worse and a few days of time and energy are nothing compared to those things.  Get some perspective and enjoy your time, quality time, with your family!  That’s where memories are created that last long after the loved ones are gone.
  • Be Positive. In most cases, things are never as bad as it seems.  Rehashing an old fight, reliving an old rival, talking about the negative can make us forget all the things we love about family.  Let go of the anger, think positive and get positive results.
  • As people, we are always saying, asking and wanting unconditional love but yet we only want to love others as long as they meet our conditions!  HA!  You cannot have one without the other!  Give love and I, love will be returned.

Family isn’t perfect but it is yours.  Whether you like it or not, they are what makes or made you the person you are and if you love you, then you should be able to find love for them.

Give thanks for the people in your life, love them and enjoy THANKSGIVING!