CHANGE – second edition


Correcting Habitual Actions to Nurture Great Expectations

What if what you have been doing, what you know to do has been wrong?  The reason some people never appear to change or admit that they are wrong or even engage in the idea that they could be wrong.  That’s a problem.  No one is always right. Some people are okay to say, “that it is what it is, and I can’t change it.”  While that may make one feel good in the moment, that says nothing about or in reference to, people who may have been hurt, or continue to feel hurt by one’s past actions.  It is also an excuse to not attempt to improve one’s actions. While the past cannot be changed, acknowledgment of bad habits is crucial to not continue repetitive bad behavior and one can always apologize for the infliction of past hurts.

To change means to correct the habits one performs that work against the desired outcomes.  While it sounds simple, it’s not simple.  People become accustom to doing things a certain way, even when the things one does are detrimental to them and breaking those habits require so much more than just time.  However, before one can correct a habit, he or she has to embrace the idea or concept that he or she can be doing some things incorrectly.  What if you have behaved in a manner for years and later figure out what you’ve been doing is wrong or learned just how non-productive?  Just because you’ve been doing things one or the same way for a number of years, doesn’t mean that it is right especially when the results you want aren’t the results you yield.  In fact, the lack of results should be enough to make one review his or her actions.  Correcting habits has to begin with identifying bad habits/actions.  Each year, with resolutions, promises to yourself, without a review of your own actions, real change, real correction cannot occur.

Many are the people that find his or herself able to do better once their hindrances have been removed and majority of those hindrances are their own personal actions or lack of actions.  From exposure to an increase in knowledge, accepting the possibility that you’ve been doing things wrong is the key to growing and becoming successful.  Some habits are things that one does other habits are things that you can walk into or habits one allows to occur around him or her.  There are habits of responses to people, places, ideas, concepts and events.  Habitual actions can cause one to become stagnant in thinking which is never a good thing.

This is personal for me, I remember the first time I realized that my methods for interacting and handling people in my life wasn’t working, it led me to finally correct my habits.  It wasn’t easy especially when your change or correction involves people.  Letting go of people should be easy but it isn’t.  Often many of us tolerate the behavior of people for fear of losing them.  Reinventing oneself, including me doesn’t occur overnight, it’s a process, an intentional journey of teaching or reteaching people how to treat us as we grow and evolve.  Exposure to better and a knowledge of what I wanted from people led me to my growth process, a process in progress.

Change is a gift to not be taken for granted or ignored.  This year, do something great for yourself and for your destiny.  Take different actions and watch the results.